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Our service (Bit-Changer) raises funds to start close cooperation with investors who want to be confident in the stability of income on deposits.

All involved money goes to the reserves of the Service for a period determined by the agreement between the Investor and the Service.

We are fully responsible for all funds received for the implementation period, and we guarantee the Depositor a 100% refund + income according to the tariff.

You can also, if necessary, withdraw your deposit ahead of schedule, notifying us about it 1-2 weeks in advance.

Our rates:

  • - Investment term 1 month - yield 1% per month;
  • - Investment term 3 months - yield 1.5% per month, for the entire period 4.5% ;
  • - Investment period 6 months - yield 2% per month, for the entire period 12% ;


Investments are accepted through payment systems Perfect Money (USD), Payeer (USD).

The minimum investment amount is from 500 USD

Maximum investment amount for one client  10000 USD

You can make a deposit in your personal account in the Investments section , for this you need to register.

If you have any questions, you can contact us via chat or email .

Наши резервы

доступное количество

Cash USD Moscow Cash USD Moscow
30000000 USD
Cash RUB Moscow Cash RUB Moscow
100000000 RUB
ERC20 Moscow ERC20 Moscow
30000000 USDT
Ethereum Moscow Ethereum Moscow
40000 ETH
Bitcoin Moscow Bitcoin Moscow
100 BTC
Payeer USD Payeer USD
182.6 USD
Perfect Money USD Perfect Money USD
4534 USD
Litecoin Litecoin
12.313 LTC
Ethereum Ethereum
0.769 ETH
Bitcoin Bitcoin
0.1 BTC

Покупайте с помощью банковской карты и обменивайте криптовалюту в одном месте:

Адрес офиса для обмена наличных:

Пресненская набережная 12
Москва Сити

Часы работы: 24/7

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